The Long & Winding Road: ‘I want to tell you a story….’

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This week I saw that the average number of internet connected devices in an average American home is 5.7 ! That means we are open to receiving information just about anywhere at any time, The availability of information is mind boggling and to be honest overwhelming, surely we don’t need so much information coming at us at this rate.

One problem with seeing and hearing so much is that we often don’t know what to do with the information once we have got it….. I am not sure that learning of atrocities around the world helps me very much, as the frustration of not being able to change the situation outweighs any indignation I might have.

The essence of this is that we all love a good story…in fact we will sit through plenty of bad ones until we hear what we like. Humanity is intrinsically linked to the art of storytelling and we are seemingly programmed to create and seek stories in all facets of our lives. Stories help define our work, define our life and define our aspirations, they are the ‘voice’ of our imagination. 

This brief history of story telling by Travis Highly gives an interesting angle on storytelling and it’s inception.

Now , being of Irish descent and living in Liverpool,it would be unbelievable to think that I myself do not enjoy a good story!

In my life the story is everything, the whole culture is based around the quality of the story being told or the story being played out. In social media we have the need to tell good stories, we need them to be good because there is so much competition for attention. As the accessibility of information grows we must re-double our efforts to capture the pure essence of a good story. 

Many times , in social media, we make tenuous links and fashion contrived stories to push a point, the stories become lectures and the conversation becomes a monologue. All too often we forget that telling stories does not have to be ‘on point’ all of the time, sometimes it is the emotional connection we generate with our story which opens the door to future communication.

Making people feel good is more helpful that making them feel in need of education, remember the old sales motto; ‘nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care!’

I try to generate laughter every day , for when we laugh we perform better and see more. Here is one of my all time favourite storytellers proving that a monologue can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered!

see you on the long and winding road….. Patrick

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