The Long & Winding Road: It takes as long as it takes…

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Happy New Year! I hope it is healthy and rewarding for you.

The video below captures many of the ideas I had for this weeks blog; it is inspiring, authentic and simple.

While you look around at everyone else who has ‘made it’…whatever that is….. why not try focusing on what works for you? We all spend time looking at others wondering what it is about them that makes them more successful than ourselves ( funny how we seldom think about what makes us more successful than some others, human nature I suppose) but how often do we look at them and think about what they actually do rather than where they have got?

In this video we see a young man who does one simple thing, every day; his goal is constant throughout; his methods are constant throughout; he measures success mostly by being able to continue; he engages with many people on his way; he learns about himself and those he meets , every day;

I think you will find it interesting, I found the sheer simplicity and authenticity compelling. If we apply some or all of these ideas to our social media work we will be richer for it this time next year…and so will all those who join you on the journey.

see you on the long and winding road…… Patrick

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