The Long & Winding Road: It’s the time not the money that counts

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So far , in all my travels , I have never seen a headstone in a cemetery which read; ‘Net worth 3 million, cabin and a fleet of sports cars…’ What I see more often is ‘Much loved husband, father and grandfather, loved by all who knew him…’ You too, eh? 

In the final analysis of what we do it is how we make people feel that leaves the lasting impression not how rich we made them. If it is so patently true in death why is it not foremost in our thoughts as we do our work among the living? 

All too often we see companies miss the boat with employees and customers alike by seeing them only as stepping stones to financial goals. Having all the latest technology and being laden down with latest ‘must have’ gizmo will not improve the fundamental quality of your efforts. In many cases these ‘aides’ only serve to magnify and highlight the lack of depth in some offerings. As individuals and organisations we give ourselves away in the way we do the ‘small things’; no grand gesture can outweigh regular rudeness or inattention to those trying to work and do business with us . Things like taking phone calls when we are with clients, telling people that you only have a few moments for them because something else came up,assuming that your time is more valuable than the time of the person with you… all these irritating and defining habits will serve to describe your future.

This then begs a question, ‘what do I need to do?’ 

Hey, if it was that easy we would all be enlightened and all this realm would be history! 

There is one avenue to look at however and it is this; as we progress in our chosen field of business we always focus on getting more from those around us, we also should focus initially on getting more from ourselves. Some call it ‘leading by example’ but I prefer to think of it as being true to yourself. We are all hammering away at this Social Media thing alongside our daily work, for some the distinguishing features of each have become similar, for all it has consumed how we communicate. 

Should we not stop and think; ‘What is it that I am communicating?’ Sadly for many people they communicate things that are not their passion because they believe that money must come before passion….. not so! The most successful people are the most passionate about what they do. Invest time in finding out what makes you tick and what you are really good at doing….then DO IT!

Think of all the ‘rich’ people you know….. now think about all the ‘great’ people you know….. not many people in both lists, I bet!

see you on the long and winding road…… Patrick 

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