The Long & Winding Road: It’s TV Jim but not as you know it!

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They said it never happens, there are some things that just are. Yes , Pope Benedict is retiring from the Papacy, something not done for more than 600 years. Normally the Pontiff dies in office but this is a very rare situation. Perhaps the things that never happen actually do happen, we just don’t see it very often. I once heard someone say they had found the replacement for denim, only for them to be shouted down for being so ridiculous. If the Pope can retire then denim can fade! 

TV or certainly the concept of TV has established a place in our lives , so much so we could barely imagine our lives without the trusted box in the corner of the room from which we get our news and entertainment. We even arrange our furniture around it, often at the expense of comfort! When a few years ago we started to contemplate the fate of TV as we knew it we could not have fully appreciated the impact of mobile devices on the future of TV. 

Firstly with the Internet allowing streamed video material and then with the ultra rapid development of handheld devices we have found ourselves in the unusual position of not needing a TV in our houses….suggest that 20 years ago and they would have carted you off to the ‘funny farm’. 

Bespoke and niche are buzz words in the industry, no longer do we seek success by mass adoration but by catering for select audiences which just happen to number in the millions. Terrestrial TV is dead , in as much as the role and dominance it once enjoyed. Today it is just one part of how we view our video entertainment, granted it is a big part today but within 5 years it will not be the ‘go to’ mode for our viewing requirements. 

Tonight , I have watched live shows on my iPhone and my laptop, I have watched the box in the corner of my living room for no more than 20 minutes; this is not unusual for me. 

If you re-arrange the letters of ‘schedule’ you cannot come close to getting ‘on demand’ and that is the crux of this issue. Times have changed and we are a demanding society in every way , none more-so than with our entertainment needs. 

Technology does give us a tremendous ability to consume all manner of things, our challenge is to develop worthwhile consumables. My hope is that rather than trying to cater for everybody with a few shows , we instead cater for everybody with a multitude of shows. This is the on-line on-demand concept as opposed to the schedule TV model where we got what we were given and nothing else. 

I have recently been consulting with a number of organisations because I have a specific skill-set in a specific area… in effect I have been my very own on-demand station delivering exactly what the consumer asked for when they asked for it. The result? High levels of satisfaction and significant progress for those organisations ….now who doesn’t want to see that?

 When you next plan a campaign or sales drive remember to deliver what you are good at and only what you are good at because you will be recommended for what you do well and only for what you do well……you would do well to remember that! 🙂 

see you on the long and winding road……. Patrick

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