The Long & Winding Road: Put the kettle on!

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Fifty three weeks ago I had a chat with my colleagues and decided that I would start to write a weekly blogpost. Apologies to those who wished I had not!

Let me tell you, writing something interesting, educative, insightful, provocative and entertaining every week is hard work. Some weeks I got it right and some I was off the mark. Sometimes too serious, sometimes too narrow in my subject matter, sometimes too outspoken…but always earnest and genuine.

Writing for public consumption is different from writing in a journal or for school because one never knows who will read your material and how they will receive it. Feeling vulnerable is part of the deal and being criticised is all to often the norm. The world is full of ‘armchair quarterbacks’ who can wax lyrical about anything in their consciousness, hindsight provides great lucidity to the banal mind.

Whether you have enjoyed my weekly ramblings or not , I hope that if nothing else they have served to spark thought, generate reaction and help you challenge your own thoughts.

‘A fool is twin to the wise’ as the ancient saying goes, whether I be a fool or wise in your eyes, I hope sincerely to have played a small positive part in your week. We can learn as much from those with whom we disagree as we can from those we revere, the balanced mind accepts all viewpoints and understands its intrinsic beliefs.

As this first year comes to an end, my goal is to tell great stories always, entertain always and be honest enough to have an opinion without favour. Sometimes you have to be a lone voice in order to move things along, having opinions is required, being a lemming is not. Upsetting people and the status quo happens, it is acceptable if it is done to foster creative thought . Honesty and authenticity are watchwords to write by.

My Irish ancestors have a definition of diplomacy which we all might enjoy…… ‘the art of Irish diplomacy is the ability to tell a man to go to Hell in such a way that he actually looks forward to the journey’!

Enjoy this story from a master, you will be captivated and enthralled…then you will laugh and tell others. Isn’t that the skill we are all trying to perfect?


Told you!

see you on the long and winding road……. Patrick

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