The Long & Winding Road: Tail wagging the dog?

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Most of us have no doubt watched old film reels of 1950’s innovators predicting what the house of the 2000’s would look like and contain. I remember seeing one showing the ‘little woman’ in the kitchen ( where else?) using all manner of futuristic time and labour saving devices to prepare dinner . By the time the ‘man of the house’ returned from a long hard day at the office ( looking out the window and planning the next golf outing) his dinner was ready alongside his dutiful adoring wife…it truly was a scene of domestic bliss.

Anyway….back to reality…. life didn’t quite evolve in that way , thankfully, instead we have continued to fight deadlines and cram in too much activity in any 24 hour period.The advent of technology has done little to lessen our burden, it has increased our burden along with our expectations of others performance to unrealistic heights. How many times have you sent an e-mail and waited impatiently for the response? Yes, we do forget that speed in some areas of life is a negative phenomena.

There are two aspects of our current situation which interest me , firstly, how much tech is enough and secondly , who is in control?

We have mastered the art of not knowing how to perform simple mental arithmetic, spell correctly and as I demonstrate regularly, savage grammar rules! The video below gives a glimpse into the future technological landscape destined for our homes. It is exciting but at the same time a little disturbing as there is the potential to see us play an active role in our own cerebral atrophy.

BBC News – Inside Microsoft’s house of the future 

All in all, I am a fan of the interactive, real-time nature of many of the innovations available. I like the idea of enhancing any situation with information and perspective , my only caveat is the situation where we only access our world through the lens of a machine. 

In this short video news clip from the UK we see what happens when we completely opt out of thinking, when we are paralysed by laziness when the tech in our homes becomes the’ tail that wags the dog’!

So sad to think that people entrusted with the ability to vote and drive cars ( both dangerous activities) fail to exercise proper judgement when faced with the tech demons in the homes…. poor child, I say!

At some point soon, we will have enough technological aids to help us carry out our business more effectively, help us enhance our leisure activities and provide options for communication which benefit our daily lives. Whilst there will always be advances in the hardware , I think we need to step back occasionally and ask whether these advances are benefiting us as a species or whether they are the thin end of the wedge in de-skilling us and rendering us passive.

see you on the long and winding road……. Patrick

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