The Long & Winding Road: The ‘Summly’ of the parts is greater than the whole…

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This week I was going to look at the value of good content and how powerful it can be when deployed regularly versus just about anything else. As I sat down to write , I came across the news that Yahoo have just splashed out $30,000,000 on an app developed by a 17 year old English schoolboy.

Well , as normal as that might be to some of you, it is not an everyday thing on this side of the pond.

Some months ago I downloaded the ‘Summly’ app on my phone because I liked the way it looked and ‘felt’, I also liked the way that I could aggregate the news sources I was looking for each day to keep abreast of developments.

BBC News – Yahoo spends ‘millions’ on UK teen Nick D’Aloisio’s Summly app 

Like many people, you may be sitting back and wondering why him and not you! Well , we might never know and frankly it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this demonstrates a huge appetite for novel and useful software that makes our days easy, stuff that enriches our lives and expands our boundaries. There is also a huge appetite for software that can communicate effectively and help us understand difficult things quickly and easily. My elder son is very interested in physics and all things scientific , obviously he enjoys his mother’s genes and intellect! He was keen to show me a YouTube channel called ‘Minute Physics’ and below is his favourite video at present…….

quantum physics….’minute physics’
So glad he found this as I would have struggled for many a long day to get close to an explanation like that.

While some people commenting on the article about Summly were decrying the use of technology by our young people to the detriment of grammar and spelling etc , I can’t help wondering what the world will be like in ten years as these young children start to enter the world of work .

Let’s hope that the ‘summly’ of the parts remains greater than the whole, after all who are we to reinvent history!

see you on the long and winding road…….. Patrick

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