The Long & Winding Road: VINE proves Video Is Normal Everywhere

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Staggering to think that in the space of a couple of years our adoption of video technologies has become so rapid. Now, while we here at 3rd Planet have been banging this particular drum for some time, it is gratifying to see that just about everyone else agrees. Sad to say some people needed to see proof by way of numbers but that is the way of the world. Pick up any study about internet habits and social media usage and it won’t be long before you see the seminal moment in the piece declaring that video is the driver. Look back at our entertaining video blog by Scot Combs , our CEO , and you will see him state some 12 months ago, that ‘video is quite simply the sharpest tool in the shed’. 

So we were and are right but what of it? No matter how you produce your content, it is the content that brings people back for more not the delivery method. Yes, it is great to have such an intuitive medium to work with and yes , if we present things in a ham-fisted way people will tire quickly and go elsewhere but fundamentally content is still king . Oh, and we’ve said that before now as well! 

This week we saw the introduction of Vine, a video sharing platform optimised for Twitter. Vine has caused quite a stir in the twitterverse to date. Now I can watch short video clips of all manner of important things rather than read a 140 character message…brilliant! Naturally, the cat world will rejoice in yet another theatre to perform, the insatiable appetite we have for watching kittens do anything is a phenomena which I wish I had the secret to. When all the mindless clips have done the rounds and people have shown their version of funniest home videos to the world we will probably see a serious side to Vine. Remember , it was not long ago that You Tube started to distance itself from frivolity and acknowledge the power of video for business. So Vine may well fill a part of the fun element which You Tube previously had a hold on, with its quick and easy posting protocol it may prove to be more potent than we realise. It was camera phones which helped stimulate and illustrate the Arab Spring , just imagine what Vine might do! 

The fact that a successful organisation like Twitter commissioned this development says much about where we are headed, after all it cannot be too far-fetched to think that there will be a fusion of the Google Glass project and easy posting protocols like Vine in the near future.There will come a time very soon where we will not interact with text as the norm but interact via video and voice. Social media will be truly integrated with our business rather than be a growing element of it. 

Content will remain the primary force in all interactions, not just to engage people but to allow us to understand where it takes our customer. Right now we might be guilty of thinking our content is a door opener but in truth it is not only a door opener but it is also a concierge through our websites, learning and responding to our customers needs in real time. 

All this talk of video usage may not be everybody’s ideal future, there are some of us for whom the saying ‘ you have the perfect face for radio!’ is true…. but video is normal everywhere today and will remain so . As long as we try to maintain substance over style we will see incredible positive developments in our micro world of social entertainment and business.

see you on the long and winding road…… Patrick

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