The Long & Winding Road: Why education and social media are polar opposites

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I recently fell off my chair after reading a comment posted by an ‘expert’ in social media, I fell off not because I have poor balance but because I find it hard to sit still when I am laughing uncontrollably. When I read the comment I was literally speechless, ‘Job done!’ I hear some cry. I was aghast that the following statement was posted in an attempt to illustrate understanding and insight: this is what was posted…. ‘ if it doesn’t sell it is not creative!’ 

( I will pause a moment to allow you time to get off the floor and compose yourself…) 

I am no visionary leader but I do try to make the odd salient point which might help along the way. I have a hard time understanding how anybody could possibly think the aforementioned ‘insight’ was anything other than flat out wrong. This then led me to examine what creativity was and where it was related to revenue generation. I came to the conclusion that creativity is not linked to revenue nor should it ever be. 

Social media is an indication of creativity in the technological world, ten years ago we did not have the mental landscape to envisage social media as it is today. The fact that we can understand the concept of social media at all is because there were some highly creative thinkers out there who dared to defy convention and risk being wrong. Thank heavens they did! 

Watch the video below, you may have seen it . It is not a new video but I venture to suggest that it will be one of the most influential video talks you will ever see. If you have seen it , watch it again, the ideas are brilliantly conveyed and the message is as appropriate today as it was 12 years ago when it was first broadcast. It is 19 minutes long but I bet you will play it again and pass it on to those you love and value…it is truly an inspiring talk.

Told you! 

Now go back to your work and look at it through your new perspective, ask yourself if you are filling in time or truly allowing yourself to be wrong enough times to be a success! 

see you on the long and winding road…… Patrick

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