The Long & Winding Road: You just never know!

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You just never know!: Having an ability to laugh at oneself and accept defeat are great attributes to have in life. Being able to laugh at oneself in business is not only helpful but, I would suggest to you, desirable! 

One of my favourite sayings is; ‘If he was a chocolate bar he would eat himself!’ This accolade is only awarded to those whom I have met who are just way too impressed with themselves for their own good. 

At different times , I am sure we all get a little too intense about ‘our thing’ but we can be forgiven those few times I am sure… it is more our passion for the subject than our desire to dominate the conversation. 

I had an interesting couple of communications this week on Twitter which made me look at the other side of the coin, that is times when we ignore people we do not know. Initially, I came across an account which was either linked to one I follow or perhaps had re-tweeted one of my posts; to be honest I cannot remember BUT the next bit was what all this social media thing is about…in my humble opinion! 

The lady in question, Bonnie Doody, thanked me for following which was appreciated, now I knew she was a real person. Then she asked ‘why have you followed me, just asking?’ It seemed she was a little surprised that I would follow her as we appeared , at least, to have little in common. My initial reaction was ‘why wouldn’t I?’ My reply was ‘…sometimes the unexpected conversations are the best!’ 

As you may know, 3rd Planet Media is a content agency specialising in video and audio channels, having started the world’s first Internet only radio stations, NetRadio, back in the 1990’s we know a thing or two about putting bums on seats by using quality content. What we realise is that , your content is our content…what we mean by that is this; we act for you, speak for you, develop your voice with and for you therefore we work and are interested in ALL sectors. 

It turned out that my new friend , Bonnie, is working on a new project and by accident she stumbled across my company and has unearthed a treasure trove of useful info to assist her. Much to my delight I received a message which read : 

‘Mr. Reade, I feel like I’m at university reading the information you share. 

Thank you!’ Well ‘Thank YOU Bonny!’ 

Wow, this was wonderful. I had no idea why I followed Bonnie,and she probably was not sure why she followed as well but something in the conversation leading up to her message allowed her to feel intrigued and comfortable enough to give it some time. Hopefully we will have helped in some small way to give her the additional tools she needed. 

Last week I spoke of the importance of ‘time’ with and for others rather than using others for financial gain….. what happened this week to me was just this idea in action. 

What I want us all to think about here is the idea that we know not where we are headed and with whom we will journey, in life and in business. William Shakespeare said it best in ‘As You Like It’ with the opening lines of his most famous monologue: 

All the world’s a stage, 
And all the men and women merely players: 
They have their exits and their entrances;

Endeavour to make all your entrances and exits memorable , they need not be grand affairs but they should be positive. 

 see you on the long and winding road………. Patrick

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