The Secret to Creating and Marketing Content That Hacks Your Competitors’

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“Content creation and content marketing are all the rage. They’re in demand. They’re hot, heavy, and happening.

Google’s all over the concept of high quality content: it’s rewarding high search rank to sites that offer reliable articles, podcasts, white papers, videos, webinars, and news releases.

Forward-thinking companies are also on board: they’re posting original, valuable content on reputable third-party sites in an effort to drive backlinks to their own sites and increase marketplace familiarity with their products/services.

While content creation, content marketing, and content distribution are effective ways to ramp up awareness of your solutions and generate leads, there’s a secret ingredient in the recipe that’s often overlooked. It’s an oh-so-simple enhancement that – if strategically implemented – could turn your content creation/marketing efforts into a 24/7 thievery machine that siphons off your competition’s potential sales.

It’s SEO-ification of your multimedia content, and here’s how to do it:” More>>>

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