The three biggest reasons to use video for social marketing

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“Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, blogs, infographics and more– content marketers are challenged by the amount of avenues they can use to promote their brands. Marketers already recognize the power of leveraging content marketing for brand awareness and visibility in SERPs, and are using social media to distribute custom content, updates, and industry news. In an age where content is king and virtually every brand is building its throne, winning strategies separate market leaders from the pack. As marketers develop initiatives for 2013, video shared with social users should be a priority.

In 2012, more consumers and professionals turned to social media sites to share with friends, family and acquaintances than ever before. At the same time, online video viewership soared to an all-time high. Content marketers should consider these trends and include video marketing as part of their overall strategy, especially in social media marketing campaigns.” More>>>

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