The Tres Amigos: Email, Blogging, and Social Media Marketing

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3rd Planet Content Marketing 3“One is boring, two is not quite enough, four is too much and five is a boy band.

There’s a reason why three-legged foundations don’t easily topple in the storm. It’s a good strategic number, especially in marketing, where a single-type attack is unheard of. Now if you were to choose three of the best marketing strategies out there, you have to go with the top 3: email, blogging/SEO, and social media. It’s the Holy Trinity of marketing. The Charlie’s Angels of advertising. The Supremes of attraction. The Three Tenors of charisma.

Okay, enough with the analogies. First, let’s examine the rationale of it all: Email is the most logical choice because of the fact that it remains to be the most effective lead generation tool today. Its power only gets bigger when coupled with social media, which is the crowd drawer, and blogging, the content provider.” More>>>

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