These 4 Myths Might Be Killing Your Content

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Why marketing“Technology transforms marketing in waves.  New platforms like search engines, social media and the mobile web create amazing opportunities, but leave marketers scrambling to develop the talent and tactics to capitalize on them.

Before long, false gurus emerge.  These “instant experts” are like umbrella salesmen in a Manhattan rainstorm.  They have no special talent or skills, but thrive because they happen to be at the right place at the right time.  That’s how destructive myths arise.

Lacking experience or expertise, the instant experts create rules to fill the vacuum.  At the beginning of a hype cycle there is nothing to compare with so they gain traction quickly.  That’s especially true of content marketing, where it seems like everyone who’s watched a video or read a blog has an opinion.  Here’s a guide to the most persistent myths:” More from this article by Greg Satell>>>

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