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Adobe is making significant changes. Most media outlets are going to report on the elimination of 750 jobs primarily in North America and Europe. While we understand that jobs are important; we think we’ll be seeing more of this kind of restructuring with increasing frequency in the months to come. 

As that cute little Robbie Zimmerman once crooned (croaked?) “The times they are a changin'”. Amen to that. Here’s what’s happening according to their press release:

Adobe is investing aggressively in Digital Media and Digital Marketing, two growing market areas.  In Digital Media, the company is the industry leader in content authoring solutions, enabling customers to create, distribute and monetize digital content.  In Digital Marketing, the company intends to be the leader in solutions to manage, measure and optimize digital marketing and advertising. 

As I said, expect more of this as marketing, advertising and media continue to evolve in the new universe. -scot

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