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Picture the scene, you phone a contact ‘at his office’ and you hear this…..

‘ Grande mocha latte , Chai fusion w/skim milk’……what ?

Yes his ‘office’ is in fact the local Starbucks and he shares his office with about 40 other Bluetoothed ear pieced warriors of the business world. Glance into any coffee emporium across any country and the chances are you will find a row of business people doing the business world version of speed dating….or to put another way , holding court while a constant stream of other business people arrive for their ‘meeting’. The great thing about watching this unfold is to see the typical behaviors exhibited…I particularly love the way many people take ‘business’ calls while they are with their appointment! What a great way to make someone , who has made the effort to travel to meet you, feel less worthy of your attention than the guy on the end of the phone (who is probably sitting at home in his PJ’s channel hopping). Anyway , you get the idea and my perspective on all this.

Despite all the technology we still are drawn to meeting people, we need to feel like we have actually done something…we are able to understand the notion of going out and doing something…that something is what we generally call ‘work’.

I often ‘man watch’…I am a great observer of people and their behaviors etc…not because I am some sort of frustrated stalker or a weirdo ( steady now!) but because my original trade was as a neurodevelopmental therapist. If you don’t know what that is …it is the work related to the maturation of the brain and the problems caused for people if they have immature neurological responses to stimuli……makes me sound clever but if you have met me you will know differently!!!! One great by-product of this work is that I have acute observational skills when it comes to how people move and perform everyday tasks…..in my B2B sales work some years ago I could assess a situation and the people in it very quickly and adopt an approach to suit the people I was with….. lots of fun and profitable as well as being a wonderful insight into personalities. Actually , I love this work so much I still consult in schools helping children with learning problems by re-educating their brain to respond to stimuli more appropriately…but perhaps more of that another day!

Why I mention all this is because there seems to be a uniform for all the coffee emporium CEOs…. laptop, smart-phone, Bluetooth earpiece, tablet and sometimes a personal ‘hotspot’ to ensure good Wifi connections….oh and I almost forgot…..a booming voice! These are truly the urban warriors keeping the wolf from the door for many a company and household across the world and we salute them.

Have you ever wondered how it would look if all that hardware was suddenly invisible? Having no ‘props’ to play with ,to hide behind and to consult with ..would the coffee emporium be as an attractive place to do business as it is today….think about all the self nurturing things going on in their. All that high tech to engender ‘tech envy’ , all the comfort food to reward yourself with after a ‘good meeting’…oohhh I’m feeling hungry just thinking about it.

Well brace yourselves because my prediction is that within the next ten years wearable technology using human movement and body heat to create power will be as normal as smart-phones and Bluetooth are today. The technology is much closer than we think, initially we will see health related products using this tech, then it will be sports clothing and finally it will be ‘leading edge’ tech minded business people pushing the demand curve upwards…..then the kids will get it and all bets will be off!

Will this transition be sudden …no, of course not but it will be challenging….take a look at the very start of this idea coming to the high street environment in the UK…it is based upon human movement and participation…… clumsy people need not apply!

Maybe a little ‘out there’ right now but trust me it will be less than amazing soon enough….the transition is starting……

So what about the ‘new wardrobe ‘ remark? Well , what will happen to our developers when they need to come out from behind the screen filled desks and do their work ‘on the hoof’?
I see a time when we will see a guy walking around with his designer Google glasses and a cool looking jacket with patches and unusual attachments hanging from it hooking up his energy producing shoes to his mobile devices walking around talking to himself…no, he won’t be mad …he will be writing code and harvesting data and interacting with the environment in real time…like never before.

Hey…you heard it here first!

Are we ready for this? We might not be but the next generation are expecting it and being groomed to understand and develop it….watch this form a university in Canada

I liked the regular shots of organic natural materials being used …so as not to totally freak us oldies out!!!!

Then there is this..light hearted and absolutely the domain of the DINKY group…Duel Income No KidsYet….but this is just the beginning

but this is where we are headed and I for one can’t wait!

enjoy the simple life we lead today as you may not recognize it tomorrow……

see you on the long and winding road………….. Patrick

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