The dominant tool for online marketing is video. Whether it’s a product video, demonstration, information about your company or a testimonial – by engaging more senses video makes the biggest impact with your customer.


Video increases customer response 23% over other types of media, and consumers prefer video to text by a 6 to 1 margin. Your customers will retain more information and are more likely to buy from you when you engage them with video.

Our approach has served our clients well:

“I have been working with 3rd Planet for two years. They are not only creative, but have come to understand our business so well we trust them to guide us through our content and video strategy development.” 

– Randy Shimanski, MDA Leadership’s Vice President of Marketing

MDA Leadership is a leadership development and organizational performance consulting firm. They embrace the concept of “content marketing” using video to tell all aspects of their success with a multitude of business clients.  Video has been adopted by them to describe products and services.  Their history and values have allowed the to be successful for more than 30 years and they are using the power of online to convey these values to both clients and prospects.