• Luxury Home Tour Videos

    The project for Midwest Homes magazine was to produce videos for homes featured on their Luxury Home Tour. Not a simple 360º panorama photo as seen on real estate websites, but video with an interview of the home builder and footage capturing the fantastic details that make these not just places to live, but luxury homes.

    There were a couple distinct challenges to this project. The biggest was the extremely tight production schedule for these videos. 3rd Planet was shooting the homes in between weekends in which the houses were open to the public for viewing. We had to shoot, edit, and finalize each home’s video within 3 days. Another issue caused by the tight schedule and possibly shooting more than 1 location per day was having only 2-3 hours to film at each home. Lastly, the client didn’t know how many homes would be available and ready to included in this project until shortly before production was to begin.

    We hope you agree the results were amazing. 3rd Planet put the right team in place to handle the demanding production schedule, while capturing great interviews and the exquisite details of these luxury homes. We were also able to help Midwest Homes budget by offering a per house price that allowed their project to stay scalable until the number of homes were finalized.

  • More Video Case Studies Coming Soon

    We said “Coming Soon”. For goodness sake hold your horses.