Video Content Dominates Google Universal Search Results [Report]

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Television studio“A recent study took a look at the different types of content that appears in Google universal search results – and guess what? Video is at the top of the list. So what exactly are “universal search results”? Basically, several years back, Google made some changes to extend search result beyond the usual 10 blue links per page. Obviously, these days we see LOTS of stuff on Google search pages – paid links, images, maps, recent news items, and so on. The research, conducted by search and social analytics software company Searchmetrics, shows that among these additional elements, video content is by far the most dominant in search results. In fact, the overall share in December 2012 for online video in universal search (62%) was well beyond the second most popular content item (images came in at a mere 32%). So what does this mean for marketers? That once again, video content provides organizations with a prime opportunity to rank high for target keywords beyond their typical text-based resources. To put it another way, creating more video content is good for SEO!” More>>>

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