Video Content Marketing vs Static Content Marketing

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Video Marketing“If you thought video content marketing and static content marketing were similar marketing strategies, you might want to think again. These methods are actually very different. Static content marketing strategies are one-way forms of communication that aren’t adapted to users. White papers, pod casts, blog posts, case studies, data sheets and articles from the web are examples of static content as everyone experiences them the same way. Unlike static content marketing, which isn’t always attention-grasping, video content marketing is highly engaging. Recent research has proven video marketing is rising in both popularity and effectiveness, and this trend is expected to prevail.

In 2012, video content marketing experienced the largest boost of all content marketing tactics, skyrocketing as high as 70%. You can make the most of the evidently effective strategy found within video marketing campaigns by following best practices such as:” More from this article by Courtney Gordner>>>

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