Videos Attract 300% More Traffic and Nurture Leads

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Isn’t this what I’ve been saying?! We saw this during the NetRadio experience. We put up fresh radio content 24/7 and people arrived by the digital busload. Within 3 years we had 50 million unique IPs visiting every month. We had a similar experience with MartialArtsExplorer. Standard Water Control tripled the amount of business coming from the internet in this year alone. Look, this stuff isn’t rocket science, put up good content … regularly … and good things will happen. Put that content up in a format that’s easy to consume and things will get even better. My one caveat; it takes time so prepare for the long haul. I’d suggest a year at the very least. A three year plan is even better. -scot

“Social media and blogs are two of the most popular channels in content marketing. But you have plenty of other tools at your disposal, including video. Sound too expensive? Think again.

See how a B2B software company used videos to boost site traffic and nurture leads on a slashed budget. We included tactics that the team used to turn its email marketing into its best promoter of videos.” More>>>

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