Visual Storytelling: Why And How

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Typewriter with Story button, vintage“On average, your readers will only read 28% of the words on a page.

Can you tell your whole story in 2-3 sentences? Probably not.

The best content marketers start with research and gather great data that supports their message. That data could be customer satisfaction percentages, product ratings, testimonials, reviews, etc. They then use those facts to support their message in a way that generates conversions.

We’re told “Content is king.” and that having great online content is THE marketing miracle to driving sales. And it is. But nowadays, there’s so much clutter on the web that simply having great content isn’t enough. The sad truth is that your content can’t rule solo over your marketing kingdom anymore. But never fear – there’s a way to enhance your content and make it more engaging to your audience.

That way is data visualization.” More from this article by Shane Jones>>>

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