3rd Planet believes in getting your customers to the information they want as quickly and painlessly as possible. Study after study shows site visitors don’t care about bells and whistles, they care about getting to what they want as fast as they can. An easy to navigate, well organized, and simple to maintain website is key to your web marketing presence whether you are a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) company.

The real trick is getting site visitors to come back day after day, week after week. We use a few guiding principles to make this feat possible. Build a simple to maintain and update website. Make sure your site is responsive – meaning it adjusts and scales to fit tablets and smart phones. Use video on your website where possible. Finally, refresh your content with up-to-date material. It keeps people coming back and keeps SEO results high. Here’s the good news, just let us know what needs to be updated and we’ll do it for you, or if you’re a jump in and get your hands dirty kind of person you’ll appreciate the ease of use of our CMS websites. You can access it from any computer and make instant changes to your webpage.

This approach works well for our clients:

“The work 3rd Planet Media does for us has more than helped the company deal with a downturn in sales due to the recession … they’ve helped us thrive. New customers are finding us in a big way and their blogs and videos help homeowners feel confident we are a good company, one they could do business with.” – Mike Hogenson (Standard Water Control Systems, Inc.) 



A fully responsive wordpress design was the next evolution for Standwater Control Systems, Inc.

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The robust features of Joomla are the right fit for ArcaSearch – the leader in the digital archiving and retreival industry.

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  • Website visits from mobile devices accounted for 23% of visitors in 2012, an 84% increase from 2011. –Walker Sands

  • 70% of internet users perform information searches before calling or making a trip to the store. – Search Engine Journal

  • People who view a web video are 64% more likely to purchase.–Comscore