• GopherRugby.com

    GopherRugby.com is the website of the University of Minnesota Men’s Rugby team. The team plays Division 1 rugby and is nationally ranked.

    The rugby team needed a website with about two weeks notice before Rugby Day Minnesota, the premiere event in their schedule. The site was built on a fully responsive WordPress site to deploy well on any device.

    The site was connected to existing social media and feeds from popular rugby sites were added to ensure an ongoing flow of content. A live Twitter widget was added to show GopherRugby.com was the central location for all thing rugby at the University of Minnesota.

    Video will be embedded from the YouTube channel on a regular basis.The team has a ready resource of current and historical video to help connect the team to it’s past as the oldest organized sports team at the U of M. Regular updates of video enhances SEO and will also provide a reason for people to come back time after time.

    The site contains news updates about the teams fortunes on the field, a live calendar with practice & match times, plus information for anyone interested in playing competitive rugby on a great team. All skill levels are welcome and everyone gets a chance to play. Additional content for fundraising and the Alumni Association is planned along with individual team photos and bios.

  • Standard Water

    Standard Water Control Systems, Inc. is a basement waterproofing company with a long track record and high standards. They are a leader in basement waterproofing in the upper midwest with tens of thousands of clients.

    With diminishing Yellow Page and other service directory results, Standard Water was looking to their website to bring in new customers. They had contracted with a SEO company that was providing additional services in content development and Google AdWords campaigns. The SEO and AdWords work did result in additional sampling of the site (about a 2% lift), however Standard felt the content development was taking a back seat to the SEO efforts. Requests for changes to the website would go unanswered for weeks at a time often missing critical time windows. 

    The entire online initiative moved into 3rd Planet’s hands. We proposed an aggressive content development plan. A new website was built with integrated SEO on a CMS platform employing embedded video blogs, video case studies, and process videos to increase time on site and help attract a larger audience. We suggested keeping the AdWords campaign stable as it was meeting the targets of the original mission. However we changed the focus of the written blog from a narrative to a place where visitors would see case studies and testimonials as well. Video from a previously produced DVD was embedded in appropriate locations of the site and a video blog was started intended to educate visitors about basement waterproofing as well as the other products and services offered.

    According to Google Analytics, comparing Q’s 1-4, 2010 with Q’s 1-4, 2011 Standard Water’s Site Visits doubled, Bounce Rate fell 25%, Pageviews more than doubled, Time On Site went from just over 2 minutes to near 3 minutes, Pages Per Visit went from less than 3.5 to almost 4 and the number of Unique Visitors doubled. Most importantly ROI was up 625%.

    It’s a good idea to refresh your website every couple of years to ensure you’re current with the changing demands of your site visitors and all the new technology that never seems to stop evolving. Our goal this time was to take advantage of the growing mobile web browsing market and increase our SEO efforts.

    To do this we employed a fully responsive WordPress design that allows the website to instantly and automatically respond to any device whether you’re on your laptop, tablet or phone. WordPress is also extremely SEO friendly.

    We’ve increased blogging to twice a week for Standard Water combining original content with curated content focusing on home improvements. Audience is steadily increasing once again showing the importance of relevant content. While our SEO program is proprietary and comprehensive the price is surprisingly low compared to many other companies.

    The combination of a SEO friendly WordPress site, more intensive SEO optimization, updating all of their video across the website, and focused content implementation has yielded a 40% improvement in site visitors, page views, time on site, etc… 

  • ArcaSearch

    ArcaSearch is the leader in the digital archiving and retreival industry. Nobody else comes close. As a result their business is exploding and they needed a new look and feel to support the sales and marketing teams.

    Images and videos play a major role in communicating ArcaSearch’s core messages, after all they are a digital imaging company. We started by producing a set of core videos integral to their marketing message that launched at the same time as the new site. The Joomla platform was selected for its robustness and allows for video embeds and galleries that fit with ArcaSearch’s desire to drive their message visually to new clients, as well as grow with the company and easily adapt to its changing needs.

    A content marketing strategy will deploy a steady stream of text, graphics/pictures and video month after month to attract and engage a growing audience. Testimonials, case studies and more will draw the audience in, educate them, win their confidence and encourage them to become long term customers. Video showcases their past successes and highlights their processes and advantages. All of these content pieces are part of a winning SEO strategy.

    Blogging is key to attracting and converting customers. Blogs are more influential than social networks in shaping consumers’ opinions and purchase decisions, according to Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report. This is why we often start our content marketing efforts with the company blog. Original content, in the form of text, graphics/pictures & video, as well as curated articles and other information will form the core of ArcaSearch’s blog.

  • Full Circle Martial Arts

    Full Circle Martial Arts has been working with the YMCA to provide affordable martial arts training for almost 30 years.

    Full Circle already had an active blog which they wanted to integrate into the new site as well update their look and improve communication and teaching capabilities. The site was built on a fully responsive WordPress site to deploy well on any device.

    Social media will be added to help syndicate the school’s content to the places their students frequent whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest or any other channel, thus increasing their reach. These connections to outside sources in combination with their continually updated blog, plus future plans to increase video are an enormous help in SEO.

    Full Circle Martial Arts uses video to help students learn when they are away from the school. Knowing that it is the content and not necessarily the quality of the videos that is important to their students Full Circle has opted to use inexpensive cameras and cell phones to add video themselves or allow their students to submit video that can easily be embedded into the site for all to benefit from. Studies have shown time after time that instructional video is highly valued by customers.