Where does creativity factor into B2B video marketing? Everywhere –

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“Sure, YouTube hit the 1-billion-monthly user mark this month, but how many of those consumers watched B2B video content? Brands investing in video marketing can’t capitalize on internet memes as often as B2C counterparts, but they also shouldn’t overlook video completely – they just need a unique approach. Google’s Account Executive for Business and Industrial Markets Judith David suggested in her SES NY presentation that B2B marketers must reverse their creative processes. Rather than mirroring sales funnels, build engagement pyramids.

“Instead of starting with broad reach and goals, prioritize the platforms that offer the most engagement, surface the 5 percent of viewers who matter and allow them drive future engagement,” David said.

Of course, before any B2B marketer flips the traditional marketing funnel around into the engagement pyramid (David’s idea for video marketing success), challenges must be outlined and tackled. David highlighted top three changes video marketers face today:” More>>>

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