Why an engaging narrative is essential to your content marketing strategy

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“An important part of content marketing is about telling stories that consumers can identify with on some level. 

Think about the John Lewis Christmas ad from last year – rather than shouting about its latest iPad offer it focused on the spirit of Christmas and families sharing gifts.

The importance of including a narrative within content marketing was the topic of a talk given by Caliber’s Ian Humphreys at The Content Marketing Show on Tuesday.

He suggested that marketers need to create a narrative that fills the middle ground between the story the brand wants to tell and the story the customer wants to hear.

The likes of Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are all using this tactic at the moment to advertise new phones.

The marketing messages don’t really mention the features of the phone, instead they sell a lifestyle and imply that the product will allow you to go on great adventures.

He also highlighted an ad created by Chevrolet called ‘My Dad’s Car’. It tells the story of a son who sets out to find his dad’s old Chevy that he had to sell in the eighties when times were tough.” More>>>

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