Writing Content For Responsive Design

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Responsive design, scalable websites“To achieve success with digital marketing, you need to have great content. It’s also important to ensure that content is accessible to as many people as possible. This post looks at the issues facing content marketers writing for ‘responsive’ sites – when the needs of two (or more) audiences need to be considered.

A few years ago, accessible web design simply meant testing your site in the most popular browsers and ensuring that you had descriptive ALT tags and easy-to-use navigation. Today, the popularity of smartphones and tablet PCs has made designing accessible, attractive websites much harder.

More and more people are accessing online content using their iPads or mobile phones. They do product research during their daily commute and book their holidays on their phones while they’re at work. As a marketer, you need to make sure that your web content looks as good on a four-inch screen as it does on a desktop PC.” More>>>


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