Your Expertise May Be Killing Your Content Marketing

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Many companies are having a hard time developing their content marketing engines. The author of this article may know why. -scot

“I recently discovered the answer, by accident, from two sources that couldn’t be more different.

The first source was a colleague who has achieved tremendous success with her marketing efforts, but she was lamenting her inability to reach the next level by producing greater amounts of consumable content (particularly articles and videos). The reason? The chief executive officer (CEO) is the expert, and since he doesn’t have time to meet with her… she can’t create the content.

The second source was the author of an article that a colleague forwarded to me. In the article, Joby Blume discusses why his company failed at marketing automation. Though the article is fascinating, one of Blume’s replies to a reader’s comment is even more revealing.

Blume essentially cites the same issue as my colleague: insufficient bandwidth to create content. And because the company serves a “highly niche” market, it couldn’t rely on an outside agency to write content.” More>>>

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