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We are all on the precipice of monumental personal lifestyle changes…hopefully for the good. The old saying ‘Be careful what you wish for…’ comes to mind often nowadays as progress in technology just keeps on coming. We are all close to burn-out as we try to assimilate the ramifications of all the changes and the possibilities they bring.

I remember less than 25 years ago , I was pretty cool having a fax machine in my bedroom to help me run a small business….how cool was I when I could just photocopy and fax at will? Mobile phones were still relatively new and expensive, anyway I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to carry one around all day!

Change is so dynamic within the business arena today that we see established brands having to completely change their approach to all manner of things, some even having to change what they do from the ground up…keeping only the name so we can feel reassured, if only for a moment.

It does not really take a soothsayer to predict what is going to happen in the future regarding business and social media…does it? I think we can all agree that connectivity and accessibility followed by speed and volume of transference of data will be the watch words of any burgeoning company’s efforts to make a mark.
On top of that we will have security and privacy coming back to the fore more vocally as the intrusion that technology has become beds in to the fabric of our daily lives.

Right now, the Google Glasses are obvious but it won’t be long before we have designer labels making them and people will be walking around filming, accessing data and all manner of subterfuge without us being aware…… no doubt there will be a few laws enacted to make us feel warm and fuzzy again in the face of this intense scrutiny.

I think the crucial feature of future systems will be how we integrate them into our daily lives, the most successful will add value to the day rather than control the day……big task to achieve that balance but we have plenty of time to refine as we go.

The focus on social media applications and information transfer as we speak is masking some wonderful by-products of our current situation. At 3rd Planet Media we are staunch advocates of education and educating people as opposed to preaching. There is a subtle difference between encouraging a person to think for themselves and having them think themselves to be in need of direction. Hopefully the style of our communications to you on the vBlog and this written forum supports our aim to challenge people to think rather than to strut our knowledge on any subject. 

Speaking of using this medium to encourage independent thought and action ( remember on the vBlog the closing line is ; ‘ Now get out and DO something!’) look at this fantastic advert for the good power of the Internet , used in a way we all wish it was always……

BBC News – US teen invents advanced cancer test using Google
OK…feeling quite humble right now but also inspired to see that this behemoth we have unleashed has shining moments for the good of us all……

so where does all this lead us?

For mere mortals like us the social media and everyday use of the Internet is where we have our focus. Last week I mentioned a new social debating site which I have joined and am currently evaluating, this along with Twitter , LinkedIn and Google+ are all almost mandatory for us to remain current and engaged with our fellow man. There are a multitude of others also vying for our attention, ultimately we will settle on a handful of outlets and ply our trade , so to speak. The social media fix will probably reflect our website favourite list..that is around 5 or 6 sites which we use most often.

I came across this audio piece discussing what TV will look like in 80 years time, listen and see if you see the same…to be honest I think in 80 years it will be even more advanced than suggested but it gives a good picture of how we access content perhaps more than what we access.

Extra prizes on offer for anybody outside the UK correctly identifying where the accents are from!!!!

No doubt wherever our imagination takes us the technology will follow, no doubt we will bite off more than we can chew, no doubt our saturation point is close and the human capability to absorb this high rate of change will plateau…but in the end we will still be human and find ways to ‘let off steam’ as the digital ecosystem pervades every last inch of our lives and minds…..

BBC News – Mobile phone throwing in Finland

No wonder javelin throwing is considered a national sport in Finland if they do this to have fun!!!!

Whatever you do this week , how ever many digital demons whisper in your ear…… have fun doing it!

see you on the long and winding road…. Patrick

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