YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands: What it Takes to Get it Right

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YouTube-logo“Every once in a while YouTube likes to sprinkle a little magic over creators and marketers and lead them, gently down the right road when it comes to marketing their product or service on the biggest video site in the world. YouTube’s Creator’s Playbook and Advertiser’s Playbook have offered invaluable tips on promotion, as well as crystal-clear advice on what YouTube and Google expect of a video, a channel and a campaign, if it’s to be successful. Now, the next in the series has been released, the YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands, and it’s a well-overdue addition to the family as far as we are concerned. It’s aimed directly at brands who up until now had little official guidance from YouTube other than “”create content that is unique, compelling, and entertaining or informative.” Because it’s that easy, right?” More from this article by Carla Marshall>>> 

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