YouTube’s Capriciousness Causes Consternation

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YouTube has terminated our 3rd Planet channel.

When we asked why we received only automated replies telling us we had violated the terms and conditions. OK … we were unaware of any issues with our channel as we had no communication from YouTube warning us. So, we asked how we might correct the problem. Nothing but automated silence from the wizards lurking behind the curtain at YouTube. We had nearly 200 videos uploaded to that channel.

While searching for a solution I discovered they have been — and are currently — doing this to a lot of people. One lady posted a video saying she’d been terminated 4 times in the past year … and one time it took her 4 months to clear things up!

We aren’t gonna wait 4 months for any capricious, uncommunicative, inscrutable, entity that is handicapped by its slavish devotion to algorithmic “perfection”. Besides, we had a back-up.

I’ve reposted the last few video blogs and if you need to see our archive, you’ll find it here.





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